Foreven Free Sector

Foreven Sector

These are the ship logs of IISS Meriwether Lewis, a “FS Far Scout”, and the LSPS “Far Venture“, a Ling Standard Products trade exploration ship.

Dates are given in “month” “day of month” “Year”.    The “month” and “day of the month” concept may be foreign to modern day readers of the 3rd Imperium, they were the standard used when the Terran explorer Meriwether Lewis and his partner William Clark made their famous exploration of what would become the northern part of “The United States of America” in the Imperial year -2712 (1804 AD in Solomani years)

The adventures of the IISS Meriwether Lewis are firmly set in the 3rd Imperium starting in the imperial year 1112, exploring the Foreven sector. 

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