Traveller 5. The current state of the art.

I printed out the “important parts” of the current T5 PDF release, the divided it into several clipboards (I have clipboards, missing note books right now), changing the order of several of the chapters.

They are:
Characters: This is the Chargen chapter, the back ground details charts, the Psionic chapter, the senses chapter,the sophont creation chapter and the characteristic chapter.

Starships:  This includes the actual ACS ship design sections, the various “How X works” chapters and the space combat sections.

Combat and skills:  This is the person combat chapter, the artillery and blowing thing up sections, the task systems, the skill list and the Personals section.

Worlds:  This is the world generation, world mapping, (less the actual blank pages of maps) interstellar trade and BeastMaker chapters and the various system map charts from the appendixes.

Hardware/Ironmongery : This has the QREBS system, the Gun|Armor|Vehicle|Thing|Computer|Makers system, the actual equipment lists.

Stuff:  The non map parts of the appendiexes

Things I’m not looking over.  Genetics.  Clones.  Robots.  Synthetics. The dice tables.

Things I am ignoring, but are glad they have been brought back under control.  Hop, Skip, Vault, etc drives.   I’m also doing a hard cut off of any thing over TL 15, so Jump 7 isn’t happening.

As I go over each of these I’ll be posting them, with what I think are good and bad elements, and what changes I will be doing with them.

First up will be Characters, as I my current plan is to generate a random party to start up a real time/solo/sector building project.  And I do mean random, I’m going to use the 2d6 to select your first career thing to start with.

Starship created will depend on what I end up with the characters.  I’ve already figure out that you can build a TL13 100 dTon Jump 2/2 G/2 Power plant ship for not a whole freaking lot.   For starters, if you make it an Organic planetoid hull, with no lifters installed, the hull is *free*


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