Traveller 5.1 Pdf Part 1

Traveller 5. I want to like this. I really do. I have the CD Rom, the dead tree book and the 5.1 PDF file.

But I Have Some Questions.

Let me start with Beasts.

Am I missing something or is their hit points missing? In CT beasts have generic hit points. In MgT they have Str, Dex and End like a character. In T5, well, I can tell what they taste like, how hard they are to train and what their beast power is, but not how hard they are to kill. If they are C1 C2 C3 for damage like characters why don’t we get C2 details?

I like the details that I can get with the T5 tables, but I suspect what I am going to end up doing is getting their weight then use the MgT Size chart to get Str, Dex and End. That or mix the beasts with the sophonts generation systems to get C1 C2 and C3 values.

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  1. Rob Eaglestone says:

    I’ve asked that question too. For now, I use Strength as equal to Hit Points.

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