Things I might put in a game.

If I was really feeling evil that is


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A long time role player who rants quite a lot. I'm an aging, white, right of center, geeky, male, dyslexic, veteran, bipolar, sociopath with Asperger syndrome and a touch of PTSD that mutters. Most of my meds are to keep me from being a real sociopath.
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2 Responses to Things I might put in a game.

  1. RogerBW says:

    Sir might do well to scan the archives of “Things I Won’t Work With”. FOOF, named for what it does as well as its structure. The HOOOOO- anion. Mercury azides. Dimethycadmium. And so on.

  2. Mike Looney says:

    I am aware of that blog. Most of the things in the video I became aware of via TIWWW

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