Edge of Imperial Space – Pt III

I just noticed another major missing table in the Mongoose Traveller SRD.  The DM due to range based on weapon type.  Actually weapons in general are sort of missing in the MgT SRD, but a lot of them are back filled in the Mercenary and Vehicle SRD  files, so coming up with stats is going to be not as hard as it could be.

This, actually, is good.  One of the things I have issues with Mongoose Traveller is weapon range and it’s anti-armor system, so doing a re-write isn’t an issue.  Among other things, there needs to be a “Sub-machine gun” range between “Pistol” and “Assault Weapon”

I’m looking at the following weapon types

  • Melee weapon, short.  This would include natural weapons and any hand held weapon under 30cm in length. Uses the Melee (short) skill
  • Melee weapon, long.  This would be hand held melee weapons between 31cm and 1.5 meters or so.  Uses the Melee (long) skill
  • Pole arm.  Melee weapons over 1.5 meters.  Uses the Melee (pole arm) skill
  • Pistol.  Projectile weapon made to be used at short range and held in one hand.  Uses Gun Combat(short arm) skill
  • Shotgun. Projectile weapon made to fire multiple projectiles at one time.  Normally held by both hands.  Uses Gun Combat(long arm) skill
  • Sub-machine Gun.  Projectile weapon that fires the same ammunition as a pistol but has a longer barrel and is designed to be held by both hands.  Normally full auto. Uses Gun Combat(short arm) OR Gun Combat(long arm) skill
  • Assault Weapon.  A projectile weapon firing a round heavier than a pistol round, but not as powerful as a full rifle round.  Modern example would be a AR-15 or AK class weapon.  Can have the option of automatic fire.  Uses the Gun Combat(long arm) skill
  • Rifle.  A ‘Full caliber’ weapon firing a heavy high speed round.  Normally does not have an option of automatic fire.  Uses the Gun Combat(long arm) skill
  • Heavy Weapon.  A weapon designed to be fired from a bipod or tripod.  Full machine guns as an example.  Uses the Heavy Weapon (portable) skill

Weapons will have, in addition to what class they belong to DM’s based on their design and maximum ranges based on their ammo.


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