Edge of Imperial Space Pt. II

Damn.  Not going to be possible for it to just be a re done version of the SRD.  There isn’t “how to roll stats” and the characteristic DM chart isn’t given.

However…  The stat names ARE given, and under Aliens you are told that large creatures roll 3d6 for strength and endurance and 1d6 for dexterity.  Also small creatures are given 1d6 on strength & endurance plus 3d6 on dexterity.  From this it can be determined that the base role is 2d6 for creatures other than large or small.  This is further expanded by noting that animals Instinct and Pack are rolled on 2d6, so an assumption of 2d6 per stat is reasonable.

Now we need to come up with exactly how to roll those dice.  Options would include

  • 2d6 straight down
  • 3d6, use the higher 2
  • A pool of dice
  • 1d6+a number per stat
  • a point buy system

I’ve got fondness for the pool of dice theory and I am basing it on the autofire system given in the SRD.

So, that means that for generating stats in Edge of Imperial space the rule is:

Roll 12d6,  arrange in groups of 2, assign to the stats

The DM chart is a bit trickier to back fill, however by looking over the robots and drones section I find the following

Score Mod
0 -3
1  -2 assumed
2 -2
3  -1
4  -1 not given but has to be.
5  -1
6  +0
7  +0
8  +0
9  +1
10 +1
11  +1 assumed
12  +2
13  +2 assumed
14  +2 assumed
15  +3

My assumed are based on table symmetry and +/- 3 being as good or as bad possible.

So, part one, how to roll up characters and what the meanings of the various scores mean can be, if not taken from the SRD directly sussed out of it.

I’m going to keep uploading various versions of EoIS as I finish parts

Edge Of Imperial Space

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