Licenses and other legal weirdness

The legal notices pages for a product that is released under the OGL, the Foreven License and the Traveller License need a ridiculously large amount of redundant text. The requirements as to where in the product select blocks of information is placed makes it difficult, neigh, impossible, to write a product that appears to be an in universe book.

Meh, it’s boilerplate at this point, but I know my OGL part 8 and part 15 sections are correct and that my product identity is correctly marked.  That being said, if I read the Foreven license right, there is no such thing as PI in Foreven license licensed product, for another Foreven product. Sayeth the license text:

“Any and all text produced under this licence may be freely used by any other licensee, so long as credit is given”.

That’s pretty cut and dried.  The Foreven license is closer to the Creative Commons Share and Share alike version than any thing else.

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