Hex 0406 “Neu Freisland” Home port of the LSPS Far Venture.

Neu Freisland

A hot sweaty marshy little hell hole
of a world.

System information

Solo Red Dwarf (V M5)
2 Gas Giants
3 Planetoid Belts
HZ – Orbit 0
10 total worlds

Orbit 0

Main World “Neu Freisland” A-468442-B
Size 4 (Light density) 0.375 G surface Gravity.
Atmosphere: Standard (class 6)
Hydrosphere: 85%
Population: 87,800
Star Port: Class A with Naval Base
Government:Representative Democracy
Law Level:2
Tech Level:11
Trade Classes: Agricultural (Ag), Non Industrial (Ni)

36.36 standard day long year
1,308.96 standard hour day (resonate rotational period)
10 ° axial tilt
Torrid climate
Natural Resources +3
Complex native life.
World Trade Balance +3

Adventure seeds.

  1. The characters must chase a merchant, but have to contend with a possible trade war while being confronted by an enemy.
  2. The characters must liberate an enemy at a transit point, but have to contend with legal troubles.
  3. The characters must observe a bounty hunter, at the villain’s base, but have to contend with lack of trust while being confronted by technological breakdown.
  4. The characters must locate a treasure in orbit, but have to contend with misdirection while being confronted by a monster.
  5. The characters must attack information on a mountain, but have to contend with language while being confronted by hazardous environment.
  6. The characters must trade with a terrorist but have to contend with being side tracked while being confronted by recurring NPC.

Ocean Shallows “Monster” encounter table

2d6 Name Behavior Size S:D:E:I:I:P Weapon Armor Skills
2 Rog Hijacker 9 20:10:7:1:2:14 Teeth:2d6
2 Melee:5
3 Scheermes Hunter/Fly 3 4:6:6:1:10:8 Claws:2d6 5 Survival:2 Melee:2
4 Tand Vlieg Hijacker/Fly 1 3:1:1:1:6:6 Teeth:1d6 0 Melee:1
5 Zeeaap Hunter 8 8:13:8:1:11:12 Thrasher:3d6 4 Survival:1 Melee:2 Recon:2
5 Zee Eekhoorn Gatherer 11 13:5:21:1:9:12 Teeth:4d6 4 Stealth:2 Melee:1
6 Zeekoe Grazer 10 15:10:22:1:6:10 None 1 Stealth:2 Recon:2
7 Vlieg Bek Grazer/Fly 1  1:1:1:1:8:11  Horns:1d6  4  Melee:3
8 Grote Zeekoe Grazer 19  43:1:50:1:7:12  Horns:5d6  7  Stealth:2 Melee:0
9 Dun Haai Chaser 5  9:18:11:1:8:8  Thrasher:3d6  3  Melee:1
10 Event
11 Sterk Haai Chaser 18  35:6:29:1:14:9  Thrasher:6d6  1  Melee:4
12 Haai Chaser 17  38:8:42:1:10:8  Thrasher:6d6  3  Melee:6

S:D:E:I:I:P = Strength Dexterity Endurance Intelligence Instinct

All are swimmers unless marked /Fly

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