Bonehmi physical data

Basic Data

System Name: Bonehmi
UPP:D-895???-? 843 M7 III

Semi Extended Data

UPP:D-895???-? 852 M7 III
Size 13281 KM diameter
Athosphere Dense tainted
Hydrographics 55 % Water
Population ?
Government ?
Law Level ?
Contraband: ?
Tech Level: ?
58.2 AU from star

Geographic Data

Size 13281 kilometers diameter
Core Molten Core
Density 0.900 x Standard
Planetary Mass 1.019 x Standard
Surface Gravity 0.957 x Standard

Local Calender

Year length – 58,213.872 Standard Days 42,167.209 Local Days
Day length 33.133 Standard hours

Stealth craft start overflights to day to expand human data.

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A Sr. Scout tasked with the first IISS long range mission in the Foreven sector in 200 years
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