I’ve stepped off the curb and am not looking at traffic.

Not really.   But here is the thing.  Mongoose has released Mongoose Traveller 2.0  I’m meh about it.  Some things I like, some things I don’t.  However Mongoose Traveller 1.x was released under the OGL so the basic rules are out their to play with, to include ship, system and animal design.  Granted there are a lot of things missing from the SRD to make it playable game, but I can deal with that.

And Wizards of the Coast has released goodly parts of D&D 5 as OGL.

I think you can see where I’m going.

I’m going to take the best parts of both systems and make the game I’ve wanted to play for a while.

Crunch-wise D&D style combat (or at least based on it), classes trimmed down to basically Fighter, Rogues and “casters”.  The D&D 5 backgrounds, which is where you get your skills from, will be done via the Traveller style career path.  Skills will be a mix of the Traveller SRD and the SRD5, with a little more emphasis on skills than in D&D 5.

Space combat will be vector based.

As far as fluff goes this is what my current though is:
Game is set in about 2020 or so. The NASA EM Drive actually works better than expected, so you can get multiple G of acceleration out of it. While messing about with it NASA found that once you get more than 100 diameters away from a large object (like, say the earth) you can force a jump, that lets you go about a parsec (3.2 light years or so) in about a week. You need to make a bubble of charged hydrogen gas around your ship to prevent it from being crushed in the jump.

Problem is two things.
1) We aren’t alone. Some time in the far past (say 250,000 BC) some elder race dropped by and scarfed up some Homo sapiens, Homo neanderthalensis and some Homo sapiens Denisova. They scattered them about the galaxy for their own reasons. The Elder Race, or Elders, about 200,000 BC or so had their final war, leaving the various types of humans to their own devices. Several branches didn’t fall back a far in to savagery as other and managed to keep a technological society, and was able to claw their way back to the stars, founding a stellar empire. Which leads us to the second problem

2) Multiple uses of Jump space attracted the attention of, well, Lovecraft’s worse nightmare. They awoke, and sent a wave of, well something, out from the places that were space/time was weakened by jump drives. As this wave of cosmic energy washed over planets, things changed. Magic started to work. Monsters aroused.

The Imperium has had 10,000 years or so to get used to this. It’s a natural part of their view of the universe now.

Earth, on the other hand, not so much with getting used to it.

Players will have the option of playing an Earth human, dealing with the fact that some of your friends now look like Legolas, Gimli or Frodo and that there seems to be, well, things, in the sewers. And dragons in most mountain ranges. Think “Blade runner” meets “Lord of the Rings“, with a side order of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer“.

Or they can play citizens of the Imperium out doing their thing, you know, trade, exploration, a war here and there and killing vampires.

The fact that the leaked energy from Cthulhu back yard is come from jumps isn’t known, not even to the Imperium.

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