Mongoose Traveller 2nd Ed – “Traveller Creation” Part 2.1

OK, diving right into the careers.

In the following list the term “unique skill” means that the skill listed can only be found in that assignment skill table, not in the Personal Development, Service Skills, Advanced Education, or Officer skill tables.  It does not mean that that the skill can not be found in other careers.

  “Law enforcement agencies, corporate operatives, spies, and other who work in the shadows.
  • Law Enforcement: You are a police officer or a detective – Streetwise 1 at rank 1.
  • Intelligence: You work as a spy or saboteur – Deception 1 at rank 1.
  • Corporate: You work for a corporation, spying on rivals – Deception 1 at rank 1.

Good selection of ground based adventuring skills, with all combat skills other than heavy weapons being available.  Advanced Education requires a EDU of 8+.  Average of 14,357 CR per cash roll.  Average mix of benefits.  DEX, END and INT may be raised via development.  4 of the mishaps will injure you, and 1 will send you to the prisoner career.  Jack of All Trades can be gained via an event.

Intelligence Recon, Deception, Electronics (Comms), and Persuade as unique skills.

Corporate has a lock on Electronics (Computers) and Deception as unique skills.


It is highly likely that the “Gunner” skill for event 10 should be “Heavy Weapons (Vehicle)

Members of the planetary armed fighting forces. Soldiers deal with planetary surface actions, battles and campaigns. Such individuals may also be mercenaries for hire.
  • Support: You are an engineer, cook or in some other role behind the front lines.
  • Infantry: You are one of the Poor Bloody Infantry on the ground.
  • Cavalry: You are one of the crew of a gunship or tank.

Very good set of ground combat skills, as to be expected.  Advanced Education table requires EDU 8.   Has “Officer” skill table.  STR, DEX and END can be raised via development.   Enlisted Rank 0 gain Gun Combat 1, Officer Rank 1 gains Leadership 1.  12428 CR average cash.  Benefits weapon, armor or implant.  2 of the mishaps can injure you.

The Enlisted/NCO rank table is

  1. Private
  2. Lance Corporal
  3. Corporal
  4. Lance Sergeant
  5. Sergeant
  6. Gunnery Sergeant
  7. Sergeant Major

This is unlike any real rank table that I know of.  Not that this a bad thing, mind you.  The officer rank table is the same as the US Army officer ranks, with the exception of only one kind of Lieutenant and only one kind of “General”.

Cavalry has Mechanic, Flyer and Electronic(Sensors) as unique skills

Infantry has Stealth as a unique skill.

Support has Mechanic, “Profession” and Electronic (Comms) as unique skills


  • The Career Progress chart is the Agent chart.  The correct Career Progress chart is on page 19, in the over all list.
  • Cavalry has “Gunner” as a skill, when it should be Heavy Weapons (Vehicles)
  • There is no commission roll listed

Individuals serving in a corporation, bureaucracy or industry, or who a making a new life on an untamed planet.

Corporate: You are an executive or manager in a large corporation.
Worker: You are a blue collar worker on an industrial world.
Colonist: You are building a new life on a recently settled world that still needs taming.

Good set of all around skills, however only combat skill is Melee.  Advanced Education requires EDU 10.  EDU and INT can be improved via development.   All assignments have their first bonus skill at rank 2.  Jack of All trades available.  26714 CR average for cash.  Benefits are strange, in that the only “hardware” benefit is “Gun”, which is only available as a skill to a rank 6 Colonist.   Ship shares and TAS available as benefits.  Two mishaps can injure you.

Corporate has Admin, Broker, and Leadership as unique skills

All of the Worker skills other than Drive are unique to it.

Colonist has Animals, Athletics, Survival and Recon as unique skills.


  • One of the benefits is “Gun”.  Gun combat is only available as a skill if you make rank 6 as a Colonist.
  • In MgT1 Citizens got their basic training from their assignment table, not the service skills table.  This is not given in MgT2.

Wanderers, hitchhikers and travellers, drifters are those who roam the stars without obvious purpose or direction.
  • Barbarian: You live on a primitive world without the benefits of technology.  Survival 1 as rank 1 skill
  • Wanderer: You are a space bum, living hand-to-mouth in slums and spaceports across the galaxy.  Streetwise 1 as rank 1 skill
  • Scavenger: You work as a belter (asteroid miner) or on a salvage crew.  Vacc suit as rank 1 skill.

Drifter is the “you can always take this career” option.   STR, END, and DEX can be improved via development.  Jack 0f all Trades available.  There is no advanced education table. 2571 CR average cash with 2 rolls being 0. Benefits include weapons and ship shares.

Barbarian has Animals, Carouse, Melee (Blade) and Seafarer as unique skills

Wander has Drive and  Deception as unique skills

All Scavenger skills are unique to it.

This is actually a quite strong career path as most “adventure/tactical” skills can be found in it.  A very useful all around Traveller can be made by bouncing back and forth between Wanderer and Scavenger.  Major holes in the skill lists are Pilot (Starship), Flyer, Engineer, and the more “intellectual/white collar” skills.


In MgT1 Drifters did basic training on their assignment tables, not the service skill tables.   This is not given in MgT2.

Individuals who are involved with the media, whether as reporters, artists or celebrities.
  • Artist: You are a writer, holographer or other creative. Art 1 as rank 1 skill
  • Journalist: You report on local or galactic events for a news feed, the TAS or other organisation. Electronics (Comms) 1 as rank 1 skill
  • Performer: You are an actor, dancer, acrobat, professional athlete or other public performer.  DEX +1 at rank 1

DEX, INT, and SOC can be increased via development.  Jack of All Trades available. 25,714 average cash, however 2 of the rolls are 0.  Benefits have no “hardware” options, but does have ship shares.  Advanced education table requires EDU 10+.  No combat skills and no space ship skills.  One mishap can injure you.  Event 11 leads directly to the “Unusual” event in the life event table.

Artists has Electronics (computers), Gambler, and Profession as unique skills.

Journalist have Electronics (any), Investigate, and Recon as unique skills.

Performer has Athletics and Stealth as unique skills.

Members of the armed fighting forces carried aboard starships, marines deal with piracy and boarding actions in space, defend the starports and bases belonging to the navy and supplement ground forces such as the army.
  • Support: You are a quartermaster, engineer or battlefield medic in the marines.
  • Star Marine: You are trained to fight boarding actions and capture enemy vessels.
  • Ground Assault: You are kicked out of a spacecraft in high orbit and told to ‘capture that planet’.

As to be expected very good in combat skills.  Space skills include Engineer, Pilot and Gunner, only Astrogation missing.    Very good career for Travellers that don’t “fineness” problem solving. Enlisted Rank 0 gains Gun Combat (any) 1 or Melee(blade) 1.  Officer rank 1 gains Leadership 1.  STR, DEX and END can be improved via development.   Advanced Education table requires EDU 8+.  Officer skills table includes both Admin and Advocate.  16,000 CR average cash.  Benefits include armor, weapons and TAS.  Rank 5 Officers have SOC of at least 10.  3 mishaps can injure you.

The rank tables are the same as the Army versions with 3 changes.

  1. Private is Marine
  2. Major is Force Commander
  3. General is Brigadier


Support has Mechanic and  (Drive or Flyer) [one option, players choice] as unique skills

Star Marine has Gunner as a unique skill

Ground Assault has Recon as a unique skill.


There is no Commission roll number listed.

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