Mongoose Traveller 2nd Ed – “Traveller Creation” Part 1

Unlike Mongoose Traveller 1st ed (hereafter MgT1) they only give the rules for group creation and are some what emphatic that doing it any other way than term at at time round robin is “the Wrong Thing” (capitalization theirs).  I’m OK with that, group character creation as the first part of a campaign is my preferred way.

Characteristics are bog standard Classic Traveller/MegaTraveller/Mongoose Traveller/Traveller5
2d6, Strength, Dexterity , Endurance,Intellect,Education, Social Standing;  rolled in order.  They touch on high Social Standing listing the 11 to 15 values of possible titles, but do mention that just because you have a high social standing doesn’t mean you are a noble, name checking Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus as examples.  The modifiers are the same as MgT1 (and the same as Edge of Imperial Space)

Background skill are flat based on Education DM+3, which means 1 to 5 0 level skills (not 0 to 6 as they say because you can’t start out with less than a 2 or more than a 12 EDU score).  They have removed the skills based on your home world as a mechanic, but do mention that you should think about it in the selection of your background skills.

Then, suddenly bad art flow charts. 

There is a 2 page black, yellow and purple flow chart of creating a character, which isn’t as good as it could be.  Not using “classic” flow chart symbols is a OCD issue with me and some of it isn’t as clear as it could be because of it.

That being said, career flow is the same as in MgT1, with the possibility of going to University or a Military Academy first (or, with lesser chances of being allowed in, for your first 3 terms)  Going to Uni will, assuming you pass, give you 1 level 1 skill and one level 2 skill. (these are one level less if you don’t pass).  Graduation also allows you to take a commission roll before joining one of the military services, with a +2 DM if you are an honor grad.  Going to an Academy will give you the equal of “basic training” in the service you are using (i.e. 6 level 0 skills) and, if you graduate, you get level 1 in 3 of those.  Graduation from an academy means any auto qualify for it’s service and it also means you get a commission roll, with a +2 DM and an auto pass if you are an honor grad.  There is one event table for Uni and the Academies, and while they don’t say so, based on some options in it, you need to roll on it after you are accepted, but before you roll for graduation, which would treat the schools more or less like a normal career, with graduation acting as advancement.   The reason why you need to do it in the order I’m giving here is that 3 of the events will prevent you from graduating.

Going on to careers, we have a page explaining how to do a career, which, if mixed with the bad-art-flow-chart a few pages back, should get some one that isn’t a long term Traveller player through the process with minimal issues.

Unlike MgT1, however, a “Skill Limit” rule has been added.  You can’t have a skill over 4 during creation and you have a total skill limit of 3 times your INT plus EDU.   For the record, that’s 3 time what Classic Traveller had.  That rule was also one of the most ignored on in CT, for what it’s worth.  Level 0 skills count as 0, so you can load up on those later via training.  (rant to come on that).

One thing that is new is that the Commission roll, to become an officer can only happen in your first term in a service, unless you have a SOC of 9 or better.  I approve of this change.  Makes NCO career paths much more likely.

A change from the MgT1 version of the connection rule is that when you have an event that you use to make a connection with another “Traveller” (aka PC) you and the other Traveller just get another roll, not you get to choose any skill you feel like.  I also approve of this rule.   That being said, there is some confusion in how that rule is worded, that I will be taking to the Mongoose Forum on 2nd to find out what they mean.

Another change is they have made it explicit that changing your specialty withing a career requires a re-roll for qualifications for the career.  In the case of Army, Marine, Navy, Nobility, Rogue, Scholar or Scout, missing the roll just means you keep your current assignment.  In the Agent, Citizen, Drifter Entertainer and Merchant careers, you have to muster out of your current career, then re-qualify for the careers, starting over at rank 0.  If you fail on this qualification roll, you have to either be drafted or take the Drifter career.   That’s sort of harsh, but again, I approve.

Next up:  Point by point on the 12 careers.

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