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The PDF version of Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition can be had on RPGNow.   It’s a “Beta” product now, with a play test lasting until Christmas or so.    The release of this makes my “Nit Picker’s Guide to Mongoose Traveller” a project that needs a change, so I’m going to make it about this version.

There are 14 chapters, and I’m going to try to put them out as quickly as possible, with each chapter getting one (at least) post.  With any luck I’ll be able to keep up with the revisions and other releases in this product.

Yes, other releases.  In the “Playtest Procedure” document, we find this helpful bit of text

Throughout the playtest period, we will be adding new files to the playtest pack. Expect at least two revisions of the Core Rulebook PDF, but also Word documents of the draft rules for several other books, including High Guard, Central Supply Catalogue and Vehicle Handbook. These won’t be as pretty as the Core Rulebook PDF (!) but your input on these will be as equally valued.

So, what do you get now? You get 2 PDF versions of the Core Rulebook, one that is “printer Friendly” (read black and white and limiting graphics.) and one that looks pretty good on-screen, the “Playtest Procedure” word doc file and a PDF of deck plans in “2d” style vs the Isometric forms that they are in the full color book.

So, “Introduction”. This is your basic “what is a role-playing game and what is Traveller” chapter. Importantly it name checks “Rule Zero” (i.e. “The referee is always right”) and expands it to include that in Traveller the referee can override the tables used in generating things. It also explains the difference between a Scenario and a Campaign. Going on about campaign types, it lists several,

  • Trader Campaign, which name checks Firefly.
  • Military Campaign, which name checks Honor Harrington, Aliens and all three versions of Starship Troopers.
  • Explorer Campaign, which name checks Star Trek:TOS.
  • Traveller Campaign, which is all of the above.

Next is a listing of “Further Reading” which has “The Traveller Companion“, “High Guard“, “Tour of the Imperium“, “Central Supply Catalog” and “The Vehicle Handbook“.  Several of these are to be included in updates to this product, or at least draft copies.

Game Conventions are listed, which is slightly important, given that Traveller only uses 6 sided dice, so you have 2D not 2D6, plus the D66, which is like percentile dice, but only using 6 sided dice, giving you a flat 36 possible options. D66 is, while not totally restricted to Traveller, most common in it.

The chapter ends with a brief listing of tech levels, list levels 0 to 15, with the note that there isn’t an upper end for tech levels, but the default campaign, “The Third Imperium” stops at 15.

Jumping ahead, I’ve worked out that with these rules, the max with out referee fiat is 22

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2 Responses to Mongoose Traveller 2nd Ed – Intro

  1. RogerBW says:

    I’m reminded of the GURPS 3e tech levels, which had as the top tech example in each of weapons, defences and transportation: “Poof. You’re dead.”, “Poof. You’re healed.” and “Poof. You’re there.”

    Charging $20 for a playtest. Hmm. I know you can redeem it against the final book, but it still smells off to me.

  2. Mike Looney says:

    As far as charging $20.00 for the play test, it’s way more “finished” than even the final playtest packet for D&D5 was. And Mongoose doesn’t have either the brand name of D&D OR Hasbro’s pockets to help out, so it’s a meh to me.

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