Just a bad thought about high tech terrorists

AV, or autonomous vehicles, are something that is becoming a real thing. I’m pretty sure that by TL-10 they can be assumed. Assuming you have terrorists still, this is a bad thing.

First, whether they are owned by an individual or by a fleet, AVs are the greatest force multiplier to emerge in decades for criminals and terrorists. Whether you’re a school shooter or a religious extremist, the biggest barrier to carrying out your plan is the risk of getting caught or killed by law enforcement. Only the most extreme mental illness, depraved hatred, or religious fervor can motivate someone to take on those risks as part of a plan to harm other people.

Autonomous vehicles neutralize those risks, and they open the door for new types of crime not possible today. A future Timothy McVeigh will not need to drive a truck full of fertilizer to the place he intends to detonate it. A burner email account, a prepaid debit card purchased with cash, and an account, tied to that burner email, with an AV car service will get him a long way to being able to place explosives near crowds, without ever being there himself. How will law enforcement solve physical, violent crimes committed by people who were never at the scene of the crime?

Taken from A Roadmap for a World Without Drivers

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