Latest weird idea.

My Sunday afternoon game, (at Top Deck Games, in Tulsa OK) is a D&D 5th EdSpelljammer” campaign.   I’ve got a wild idea on making it into a “Pirates of Drinax” game, using D&D 5 as the rule set.

This increases my  ‘To Do’ list a bit past the ‘make the next adventure’.

Things that will need converting to D&D5

  1. Vargr
  2. Aslan
  3. Traveller Space Combat and Ships
  4. Traveller worlds to Spelljammer worlds

Vargr and Aslan will not be that hard, the 5ed DMG has stuff for making races, and Vargr, at least, are fairly simple.  A space combat game sort of like ‘Mayday‘ is something I’ve been wanting to do a version of using Mongoose Traveller as the base for a while.  Doing it with ‘Fantasy’ options will sort of fit into the whole ‘Sector from Hell’ project.

Well, I think I’ve got some marching orders for a while.