Licenses and other legal weirdness

The legal notices pages for a product that is released under the OGL, the Foreven License and the Traveller License need a ridiculously large amount of redundant text. The requirements as to where in the product select blocks of information is placed makes it difficult, neigh, impossible, to write a product that appears to be an in universe book.

Meh, it’s boilerplate at this point, but I know my OGL part 8 and part 15 sections are correct and that my product identity is correctly marked.  That being said, if I read the Foreven license right, there is no such thing as PI in Foreven license licensed product, for another Foreven product. Sayeth the license text:

“Any and all text produced under this licence may be freely used by any other licensee, so long as credit is given”.

That’s pretty cut and dried.  The Foreven license is closer to the Creative Commons Share and Share alike version than any thing else.

Not sure how I feel about this.

I just re-downloaded the Mongoose Traveller Developers package. Seems that some time ago the vehicle handbook design rules were released as Open Game, and have an SRD. I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s the spaces based version, which I’m not quite sure is fine enough grained for my current project.

Meh, it’s MgT and OGL, so it’s what I will use as the base and not have to worry about stuff.

LSP ‘Rough Trader’ RLA(Q) class Q ships

Despite being armed, the Far Venture class is not a combat capable star ship, due to the class’s lack of armor, screens and military grade sensors and comm suites. LSP has modules that can upgrade the screen and electron systems of any LSP modular system based starship, however the expense of these modules makes their wide spread use rare. LSP does not have any of the so called “Q Ships” variants of the the Far Venture class in active service at this time, however they could be activated if pirate/privateer/commerce raiding activity warranted their use. The major points of difference between a RLA and a RLA(Q) are:

  • Armor effective against standard ship lasers is installed (6 points). This has a mission cost of 20 dTons, and a credit cost of 8 MCr.
  • The Sand-caster missile combo turret is replace with a triple missile turret. This has no mission cost, however it adds 1 MCr to the cost of the craft.
  • 2 magazine modules are carried. This has a 20 dTon mission cost and a full load out 240 standard missiles has a cost of 300000 Cr.
  • One of the laser turrets is replaced with a particle accelerator turret. This has a no mission cost but a credit cost of 2.5 MCr.
  • Either 1 or 2 fighter flights are carried. Each flight has a mission cost of 40 dTons and a credit cost of 30 MCr. A fighter flight is two 10 dTon Mk CCCLV-B laser armed light fighters, one 10 dTon Mk CCCLV-M missile armed light fighter and a 10 dTon crew support module. The manning cost is 3 flight crew and 2 support crew per flight carried. 12 standard missiles are carried for the Mk CCCLV-M fighter. Missiles can be cross loaded from the RLA(Q) magazines and the fighters.
  • One military grade electronics and defense module is loaded. This has a mission cost of 10 dTons and a cost of 4 MCr

The total mission cost is 90 or 130 dTons, out of a total mission space of 190 dTons and a credit cost of 45.8 MCr or 75.8 MCr, depending on if one or two fighter flights are carried. Due to the very low rates of acceleration of RLA(Q) ships, using a RLA(Q) with out at least one fighter flight is not recommended. Release of RLA(Q) ships from storage requires subsector HQ approval. Release of RLA(Q) with out fighters requires sector HQ approval. Approval of RLA(Q) can be assumed if a state of general war has been declared with in an area of operations. Standard LSP doctrine is to use single flight RLA(Q) ships as convoy escort ships and double flight RLA(Q) ships as “honey pot” hunter/killer ships, however either type may be used in either role, depending on the local situation. As of Imperial year 1105 LSP has 24 RLA(Q) ships “in ordinary” in Foreven/Alpha. Of these 24, 4 are fully prepped with dual fighter flights, 4 are prepped with single flights and the remaining 16 are in use “in trade” with no mission modules loaded. The so called “rough trade” RLA(Q) ship still have to pay the 20 dTon mission cost of their armor regardless of any modules carried. It takes approximately 4 weeks to bring a “in trade” RLA(Q) up to full Q-Ship operational level.