Just a bad thought about high tech terrorists

AV, or autonomous vehicles, are something that is becoming a real thing. I’m pretty sure that by TL-10 they can be assumed. Assuming you have terrorists still, this is a bad thing.

First, whether they are owned by an individual or by a fleet, AVs are the greatest force multiplier to emerge in decades for criminals and terrorists. Whether you’re a school shooter or a religious extremist, the biggest barrier to carrying out your plan is the risk of getting caught or killed by law enforcement. Only the most extreme mental illness, depraved hatred, or religious fervor can motivate someone to take on those risks as part of a plan to harm other people.

Autonomous vehicles neutralize those risks, and they open the door for new types of crime not possible today. A future Timothy McVeigh will not need to drive a truck full of fertilizer to the place he intends to detonate it. A burner email account, a prepaid debit card purchased with cash, and an account, tied to that burner email, with an AV car service will get him a long way to being able to place explosives near crowds, without ever being there himself. How will law enforcement solve physical, violent crimes committed by people who were never at the scene of the crime?

Taken from A Roadmap for a World Without Drivers

Current status of the Foreven Sector from Hell Project

I’ve dinkd around with various tools, and I’ve made what I think is my “final” baseline sector. I’ve decided to use the “canon” Foreven dot map and the few worlds that are listed in the Mongoose Foreven guide.

I’m also plotting to have a large “Imperial Principality” in the Rimward Center of the Sector. I’m thinking that a descendent of Cleon II founded it, and it has “covert” ties to the 3rd Imperium, established after the 2nd Frontier war.

I’m attaching both a “Traveller Map” created Booklet PDF and a MySQL table with the current data.
The Foreven Sector

Edge of Imperial Space – Scouts

Scouts are the sample career given in the Mongoose Traveller SRD.

It’s -almost- a full career.  It’s missing the mustering out tables, plus, in general, the life event tables are missing.

Because I’m major lazy, for right now I’m using the event table from Career Book 1 from Spica Publishing and modified version of the mustering out table for explorers taken from Career Companion: A Clement Sector Sourcebook from Gypsy Knights Games.  I plan on tweaking these or doing my own full table, but for now these will work.

There are also some major bits of cut and pasting for Skills and Combat into those parts of  the PDF, but no tweaking or filling of missing bits yet.

Edge Of Imperial Space

A silly side project – Exotic Shot gun rounds.

I’m going to toss together a set of rules for “exotic” shot gun rounds, based on the “Taofedermaus” YouTube channel.

So far, well frozen hotdog rounds are fairly dangerous. As slug.

Silly putty, massive impact, not much penetration (ST)

Dimes and flat Washers Very wide spread. Med damage.

“3D” Printed slugs. Very effective, takes an hour to print. Not stable, shot range, not slug range.
3D Flechette rounds Fail.

Neodymium Magnets 16 in a 12 gauge shell Stays together so counts as a slug for range, but terminal effects are as shot.

Plastic fined steel rounds. Fins come off. Not freaking accurate and low AP if it hits

Big bolt in plastic sabot As slug

Discarding sabot rounds not very accurate with out full length sabots Good AP with full sabots, but fly high.

Plastic tube with Allen head bolt. Not accurate, spirals in flight

Ice Falls apart, not damaging

Pykrete as slug

Bubble gum as silly putty (ST stun)

Lego bricks Not accurate, limited damage

.22 pellets.  12 per shell.  As bird shot

Gummy bears 3 per shell. Not very accurate. As bird shot

Battery. Not accurate Low damage.

Ball chain. 18″ of chain Stays together, as bird shot.

.22 lr bullets. As buck shot, however is cheaper than a buck shot round.

Tic Tacs Like blanks

Nerf dart. As accurate, at short range, no damage

Sand and wax. Accurate, med. damage.

Wax slug. Accurate, med damage.

Chocolate Slug Low Damage

Airsoft BB Wide spread, low damage, low recoil

Pocket screwdriver. Not accurate, med damage (screw driver still usable)

Home made lead slugs, made from melted bird shot. As slug

“Bolo” rounds. 4 Lead slug with thread. No spread, as slug

Rock salt. Low to no damage.

Washers, on a string. Holds them together, as good as buck shot.

Glass marble. Accurate, med damage.

Oobleck Cloud of white… No damage.

Hot Glue + bird shot slug As slug. (3/4 of the energy)

Flattened shot, as bird shot, slightly more damaging.

6mm ball chain, 4 groups of 3. Auto fire .22 LR

Paint ball. Cloud of paint in the air.

Solder in wax As slug.

Tungsten Carbide in wax. High damage.

Air soft bb in wax. As slug, Med damage.

Bird shot in balloon. Very low damage.

Play doh Not quite as good as Silly Putty.

Vitamins. Very low damage.

Cut Shell. As slug, but has chance of failure.

Chocolate/birdshot slug. As slug

Coat hanger wire, cut into 17mm long chunks, ~ 40 per shell. Med damage, as shot spread.

Magnetic Silly Putty As silly putty

Glow stick. Not accurate, low damage.

Raw Spaghetti. Blank.

Sharpie Pen. Low-med damage. Ink dye spot about .5 meters around.

Gravel, short range, wide spread, low damage.

Coffee beans. No damage

Flint from fire starter in wax slug. As slug, and sparks.

4 10mm ball bearings. Auto fire light pistol.

.68 cal Steel Ball Bearing. As slug, plus AP (vs non rigid armor)

Dry ice. Med damage slug.

Pocket knife. “Worlds stupidest ammo.”

Ivory Soap. low stun ST damage.

Test tube, with lead shot in nose, filled with wax. Not accurate, low damage.

Jujube candy. low stun ST shot

Water in plastic tube. Blank or chemical dispersal.

Flint tip deer slug. As slug, with sparks if it hits steel.

Pipe. As inaccurate slug, and might jam. Massive muzzle flash.

Bowmag arrow heads, with out the bullet, full of lead shot. As slug

Flat glass beads, 3 per shell. Med damage.

Wire splicing nuts, filled with bird shot and sealed. As short range slug

12 X-Acto blades. Inaccurate very low damage.

Bolt with 2 nuts. Short ranged slug.

Muzzle break. Reduces recoil by 1. $75, heat shrink on.

Darts (as in pub darts) Inaccurate, low damage.

Rust mixed with wax. As slug, leaves dirty wound.

Jolly rancher. Fail

THRUNITE Ti3 micro flashlights 100 yards down range. Still works.

Encapsulated steel shot. Slug but ST

5.56 tracer rounds, 7 per shell very wide spread. Low damage.

Encapsulated Oobleck. Stun slug

Chewed bubble gum. ST slug.

Custom blown glass slug. as slug, toxic cloud fairly inaccurate.
Custom blown glass bullet. As slug, toxic cloud, more accurate.

Crayons Plastic pens Not usable.
Pencils Medium damage. Needs break open gun to load.

.38 or .357 pistol adapter. Inaccurate pistol

Wooden match heads in wax. No damage, chance of flame.

Cast iron fishing weights. Very inaccurate. Medium damage with fragmentation.

Gasoline. See water. Doesn’t flame.

Shot gun cup launcher of golfballs. 30 yard range, using wax shells. Needs muzzle break low stun damage.