About Lt. Khudu Urdar

A pure blooded Valani who, despite his background thinks out side the box. Also actively likes doing engineering work. is the de facto engineering officer in addition to his duties as pilot and XO

The miss jump was deliberate.

Pilot’s Log.

We miss jumped.  We are on the far side of the Foreven sector.  I spent the last 4 days going over my jump calculations.  They seemed to be correct, with in normal tolerance for that jump, which isn’t really all that uncommon.  When I wasn’t looking at them I was down in the jump drive chamber.

Today, we found the problem.  There was a counterfeit depot seal on the fuel flow rate limiter.  It was turned all the way 180 from normal.  Even an experienced eye would not have noticed it, unless you knew the some what weird marking system used on that device.

We have a traitor on board or there was one at the scout base or one got on board during the load out change.   I have informed the Sr. Scout of these developments.  He was not pleased to put it mildly

Inspection completed

Inspection completed.
Far less problems that I feared. Need to rebuild one of the UHF transmitters and attempt to fix the air fresher on the Clark, the name give to the surveyor craft. Turret number 5’s primary servo is about to burn out, I’ve got the gun pack replacing it. Some cables need to be replaced around the secondary power units, but that can wait.

I found rodent sign in the life support units. First land fall that allows it we *will* get a ship’s cat or two.

I know that the Skip, the Bosum and both engineers are going nuts over the jump dim I did. I strongly suspect it’s going to be several jumps before they figure out what I’m doing. It’s simple, if you step WAY out side the box. Given my engineering back ground they are going to be looking there first and for most. They will be wrong.