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A long time role player who rants quite a lot. I'm an aging, white, right of center, geeky, male, dyslexic, veteran, bipolar, sociopath with Asperger syndrome and a touch of PTSD that mutters. Most of my meds are to keep me from being a real sociopath.

Current status of the Foreven Sector from Hell Project

I’ve dinkd around with various tools, and I’ve made what I think is my “final” baseline sector. I’ve decided to use the “canon” Foreven dot map and the few worlds that are listed in the Mongoose Foreven guide.

I’m also plotting to have a large “Imperial Principality” in the Rimward Center of the Sector. I’m thinking that a descendent of Cleon II founded it, and it has “covert” ties to the 3rd Imperium, established after the 2nd Frontier war.

I’m attaching both a “Traveller Map” created Booklet PDF and a MySQL table with the current data.
The Foreven Sector

Traveller 5: The Solo Game: 1st Character

Let’s meet Ben McFitzson.  He’s from Efate (1705 Spinward Marches A64930-D), where I’m home basing this attempt at a real time/solo game.


  • Str: 8
  • Dex:8
  • End:6
  • Int:7
  • Edu:10 (A)
  • Soc:4

OK, we have a strong, quick, slightly sickly guy, of normal intelligence, who did well in school, but comes from a lower class background.

Back ground skills, being from Efate (Hi In) he gets streetwise and one trade.  I’m taking mechanics.

So, off to school.  He’s going to attend Efate Orbital University, a school rated at 13.

4 rolls vs Edu or less on 2d6.  Plus 1 roll vs Edu for honors.  He’s also taking OTC classes, for another roll vs Edu.

Rolling 2d6
( 3 + 5 ) = 8
Rolling 2d6
( 4 + 3 ) = 7
Rolling 2d6
( 1 + 2 ) = 3
Rolling 2d6
( 3 + 1 ) = 4
Rolling 2d6
( 6 + 4 ) = 10
Rolling 2d6
( 4 + 5 ) = 9

  • Major: Electronics-5
  • Minor:Programmer-2
  • Soldier Skill:Fighter:Slug thrower-1

Automatic Soldier career, starting as a 2nd Lieutenant.

Roll vs Soc to select branch

Rolling 2d6
( 4 + 1 ) = 5  Failed.  Rolling random for branch.

Rolling 1d6 + 2
( 6 ) + 2 = 8 = Medical.

Rolling for operations:

Rolling 1d6 + 6
( 3 ) + 6 = 9: Base
Rolling 1d6 + 6
( 1 ) + 6 = 7:Peace Keeper
Rolling 1d6 + 6
( 6 ) + 6 = 12:Base
Rolling 1d6 + 6
( 3 ) + 6 = 9:Base

Mod for Risk/Reward 1

Using Str as the CC, with a bravery mod of 1, so I need to roll a 6 or less on 2d6 to avoid a wound.

Rolling 2d6
( 6 + 1 ) = 7: wounded.  Damage would be -2 + Flux.  That works out to 2d6-9

Rolling 2d6 – 9
( 1 + 4 ) + -9 = -4

OK Str now 4 and I’m medically discharged.

Rolling for Reward.  Need to roll 10 or less to get a medal

Rolling 2d6
( 2 + 6 ) = 8 which gets a medal, (modified to a 9 due to being an officer)  Ben gets the MCUF and a wound badge.   That makes his promotion roll  7 or less on 2d6

Rolling 2d6
( 1 + 4 ) = 5, so Ben gets promoted to 1st Lieutenant



  • Medic-1
  • Leader-1

1 Roll on Personal
+1 Str
1 Roll on Base
One Trade (takes it in mechanics)
3 on Peacekeeper
4 Animals:Rider-1
6 Navigation-1
5 Liaison-1

Two mustering out rolls, with +2 due to officer rank. On the “benefits” chart.
Rolling 1d6 + 2
( 5 ) + 2 = 7 C3 [End] +1
Rolling 1d6 + 2
( 6 ) + 2 = 8 Life Insurance
Plus an automatic weapon benefit. Taking a Gauss Pistol.

So after OTC and one term in the Army, Ben has the following



  • Streetwise-1
  • Mechanics-2
  • Major: Electronics-5
  • Minor:Programmer-2
  • Soldier Skill:Fighter:Slug thrower-1
  • Medic-1
  • Leader-1
  • Animals:Rider-1
  • Navigation-1
  • Liaison-1

Ben decides to sign on a Free Trader.  He needs to roll under 7 to come in as a 4th officer

Rolling 2d6
( 3 + 4 ) = 7

Ben uses C2 [Dex] as his CC for Risk vs Reward.  Takes 1 as a bravery mod.

  • Risk: 7 or less
  • Reward: 9 or less

Rolling 2d6
( 5 + 2 ) = 7: Uninjured
Rolling 2d6
( 3 + 1 ) = 4:1 Ship Share.

Promotion: 2 or less on 2d6

Rolling 2d6
( 6 + 5 ) = 11: Very much not promoted.


  • Automatic: Steward-1

2 on Space Travel

  • 4: Sensors-1
  • 5:Steward-2

2 on Trade

  • 2:Trader-1
  • 4:Admin-1

Continue on a 5 or less on 2d6

Rolling 2d6
( 1 + 1 ) = 2

2nd term on the Free Trader

Ben uses C3 [End] as his CC for Risk vs Reward.  Takes 1 as a bravery mod.

  • Risk: 6 or less
  • Reward: 8 or less

Rolling 2d6
( 5 + 2 ) = 7: Wounded.  2d6-8 damage to End

Rolling 2d6 – 8
( 6 + 6 ) + -8 = 4.  Disabled

Rolling 2d6
( 6 + 2 ) = 8: Reward 2 Ship shares.

Promoted need 4 or less on 2d6

Rolling 2d6
( 1 + 3 ) = 4.  Promoted to 3rd Officer.




3 on Space Travel

  • 1: Astrogator-1
  • 5:Steward-3
  • 3:Medic-2

2 on Trade

  • 1:Broker-1
  • 3:Diplomat-1

Total of 4 rolls on the Mustering out.

Cash 1 roll

Rolling 1d6 + 2
( 4 ) + 2 = 6:StarPass


Rolling 1d6 + 2
( 4 ) + 2 = 6: Life Insurance [will reroll]
Rolling 1d6 + 2
( 3 ) + 2 = 5 C3[End]+1
Rolling 1d6 + 2
( 4 ) + 2 = 6:Life Insurance [will reroll]


Rolling 1d6 + 2
( 5 ) + 2 = 7:Ship Share
Rolling 1d6 + 2
( 5 ) + 2 = 7:Ship Share

After 2 terms on the Free Trader, 1 Term in the Army and 4 years at school, Ben is ready to become a Traveller.



  • Streetwise-1
  • Mechanics-2
  • Major: Electronics-5
  • Minor:Programmer-2
  • Soldier Skill:Fighter:Slug thrower-1
  • Medic-2
  • Leader-1
  • Animals:Rider-1
  • Navigation-1
  • Liaison-1
  • Sensors-1
  • Admin-1
  • Steward-3
  • Trader-2
  • Admin-1
  • Astrogator-1
  • Broker-1
  • Diplomat-1
  • Engineer:M-Drive-1

Ben has a Gauss Pistol, a StarPass, 70,000 CR, Life Insurance and a total of 5 Ship Shares.

His Fame is 6+1d6 for being a ship owner + 2d6-7 for a total of  11

Rolling 3d6 – 1
( 6 + 2 + 4 ) + -1 = 11



Traveller 5: Cheapest possible ship.

The QREBS system has some weirdness to it. This, plus some down right strange rules makes for some odd ship designs

I’m making the cheapest possible ship that can, in theory, land on a planet with an atmosphere and not be totally defenseless.

Mission:Commerce:Merchant:Unscheduled:Cargo. That gives it an ID code of A. I’m adding the modifier of L for Light. Design Tech Level 13 (D)

Hull: 100 dTon Planetoid 1 Mcr. However… I’m making it Organic, with out the lifter installed.That cuts the cost to (1.0/2) -0.5 or in other words, free.

Jump Field. Jump Bubble. No cost.

Armor. Armor is free, takes up space, but the first layer doesn’t. Organic has issue with heat, but there is a way around that.

Armor, 1st layer – Base AV is 6 , Anti-kinetic (value vs PEN is 1300) vs all other than heat and pressure is 65. Vs heat and pressure you get 6. By adding a “Reflec” coating you get a heat AV of 1300.

Drives. OK here is why it’s TL 13 and why QREBS is important.
Jump 2 takes TL-11. By making it in a TL-13 ship yard I get to use “Modified” drives. This is important because that does several thing.

  • Reduced drive cost by 1/2
  • Give a +2 mod to their use
  • Reduce drive dTons by 1/2
  • 110% efficiency
  • 90% fuel use.

So, Class A J-Drive, M-Drive and Power plant.

Drive dTon Mcr
Mod A M-Drive 1 1.0
Mod A J-Drive 5 2.5
Mod A Power Plant 2 0.5
Totals 8 4.0


Normally under T5 Rules this would need 20 dTons for Jump and 2 dTons for 1 month operation. But with Mod drives, that gets reduced to 18 and 1.8 dTons, resulting in a total fuel tank of 19.8 dTons.

Sensors and Comms
You get Comm-8, Radar-9 and Scope-9 for free, using 0 dTons.

Weapons and defenses This is a “Cheap Ship”, but I don’t want it to be total defenseless, so I’m putting in 3 SR Mod Y Triple turret Hybrid S-L-M on a firm point. By reducing the mount to SR, that makes it a 0.5 dTon turret (also costing 0.5 MCr) and by making it a Mod that raises it to TL-12 with a +2 mod and a weapon cost of 0.5 MCr. Total cost is 3.0 MCr and 1.5 dTons. A generic nuclear damper adds 1 ton as a bolt in defense and 0.5 MCr.


Control. Here is where life gets tricky. Need a control panel for each drive, sensor, weapon, defense or function, so that works out to 7 control panels, that feed into, logically a pilot’s console, an engineer’s console, a security console and a general console. Going with one shift, that makes crew 4. Consoles take 4 tons and cost a total of 0.8 MCr. Adding a 3bis computer adds 3 dTons and 14 MCr. Note that this is not really required, if and only if you always have 4 crew. with it the ship is more or less automatic. But a 3bis is a TL-11 design, so let’s make that a Mod 3bis, which knocks it down to 1.5 dTons and 7 MCr, plus makes it C+S 13 instead of 11.

Life support
Standard Life support, 1 dTon and 1 MCr
Shared Fresher 0.5 dTon and 0.5 MCr
Medical and Counselor console. 1.5 dTons and 0.7 MCr
Total space of 20 dTons of Commons area and Spacer Niches. This has 0 MCr cost. Note that if the crew is willing to risk sanity test this can be converted to up 19 more tons of cargo space.

Item dTons MCr
Engineering 8.0 4.0
Fuel 19.8 0
Sensors 0 0
Weapons & Defenses 2.5 ( with out weapons 0) 3.5 (with out weapons 0)
Control 5.5 (with out computer 4) 7.8 (with out computer 0.8)
Life Support 21 (using common space as cargo 3) 2.2
Cargo 41.7 (‘best case’ 65.2 ) 0
Totals 100 17 (fully stripped down 7)

QPS works out to AL-AP22-ACFT

Edge of Imperial Space:

I’m putting this project on hold, as I really don’t want to act as a spoiler.

As long as Mongoose keeps their “Book 0” as a free download on RPG Now, there isn’t really a reason to do Edge as such.  If and when Book 0 comes off the free list or Mongoose loses it’s license to make Traveller games, the making the SRD into a playable game (like Pathfinder did with the 3.5 D&D SRD will happen.)



Traveller 5. The current state of the art.

I printed out the “important parts” of the current T5 PDF release, the divided it into several clipboards (I have clipboards, missing note books right now), changing the order of several of the chapters.

They are:
Characters: This is the Chargen chapter, the back ground details charts, the Psionic chapter, the senses chapter,the sophont creation chapter and the characteristic chapter.

Starships:  This includes the actual ACS ship design sections, the various “How X works” chapters and the space combat sections.

Combat and skills:  This is the person combat chapter, the artillery and blowing thing up sections, the task systems, the skill list and the Personals section.

Worlds:  This is the world generation, world mapping, (less the actual blank pages of maps) interstellar trade and BeastMaker chapters and the various system map charts from the appendixes.

Hardware/Ironmongery : This has the QREBS system, the Gun|Armor|Vehicle|Thing|Computer|Makers system, the actual equipment lists.

Stuff:  The non map parts of the appendiexes

Things I’m not looking over.  Genetics.  Clones.  Robots.  Synthetics. The dice tables.

Things I am ignoring, but are glad they have been brought back under control.  Hop, Skip, Vault, etc drives.   I’m also doing a hard cut off of any thing over TL 15, so Jump 7 isn’t happening.

As I go over each of these I’ll be posting them, with what I think are good and bad elements, and what changes I will be doing with them.

First up will be Characters, as I my current plan is to generate a random party to start up a real time/solo/sector building project.  And I do mean random, I’m going to use the 2d6 to select your first career thing to start with.

Starship created will depend on what I end up with the characters.  I’ve already figure out that you can build a TL13 100 dTon Jump 2/2 G/2 Power plant ship for not a whole freaking lot.   For starters, if you make it an Organic planetoid hull, with no lifters installed, the hull is *free*


Traveller 5.1 Pdf Part 1

Traveller 5. I want to like this. I really do. I have the CD Rom, the dead tree book and the 5.1 PDF file.

But I Have Some Questions.

Let me start with Beasts.

Am I missing something or is their hit points missing? In CT beasts have generic hit points. In MgT they have Str, Dex and End like a character. In T5, well, I can tell what they taste like, how hard they are to train and what their beast power is, but not how hard they are to kill. If they are C1 C2 C3 for damage like characters why don’t we get C2 details?

I like the details that I can get with the T5 tables, but I suspect what I am going to end up doing is getting their weight then use the MgT Size chart to get Str, Dex and End. That or mix the beasts with the sophonts generation systems to get C1 C2 and C3 values.